Brand Awareness Video

The purpose of the brand video is to engage with your audience and help your business stand out.

This is the type of video, created for a brand that is not directly promoting or advertising it. It shares the company’s values and monetizes on a positive association, rather than self-promotion.

When creating a brand video, we take extra time in getting to know your business and diving deep into its core. We do our best to distribute your message, leave a strong impression, and motivate your audience to act.

The core components of a brand video are message, goal, target.


The use of a Social Media Ad can be targeting a very particular audience, testing out strategies, and getting insights, as well as driving more clicks and conversions.

This is the type of video, created for a social media ad campaign. It’s direct promotional content that is taking place in a specific platform (Facebook, Instagram, Youtube, etc.) and aims for specific results.

It can go for showing off a product in action, driving traffic back to your website, or creating a buzz around your product or service.

When creating a Social Ad, we take extra time in getting to know your target audience and all of its specifics. We do our best to help you fulfill your campaign goals and achieve the result you are striving for.

Local Business Video

This is the type of video, made for a small or medium-sized business, that is located in a certain area and has its target audience within this region. It`s great for local shops, restaurants, or any other local services.

The advantages of a local business video can be attracting more new customers, boost regional marketing, and local SEO dramatically.

Video content increases significantly web visitors retention. It is content with a high average position ranking and a high click-through rate.

When creating a video for your local business, we get a very good idea of your area, locals, and their needs. There are a lot of creative ways we use to make your business stand out and become more recognizable.


This is a video that takes place in a specific location, at a specific time. It might have a schedule of activities but does not require a script. 

It can be used for live streaming, as well as capturing highlights for promotional purposes.