Paladim Plat Lamp


Paladim is a Bulgarian based design studio recognized for creating one of a kind items for homes and offices around the world.
The video purpose was to show one of their best selling product, with emphasis on the functionality and high quality materials used for production.


We researched the brand and took their best advantages as a starting point. We wanted to incorporate the minimalistic but functional design, highlighting that everything is handmade with attention on details. The sketching elements were inspired by the brands style and their hand drawn elements in the packaging of each product. We aimed for imitating industrial design sketches to show the materials. For the functionality, we used a minimalistic setting and simple graphics, so that the viewer understands how easy-to-use but smart the product is. At the end we decided to give more life to the product putting it in an environment with real people using it.

Project Info

Client: Paladim

Video Length: 40s

Shooting Location: Sofia, Bulgaria

Services: Concept Creation, Scriptwriting, Pre-Production, Video Production, Post Production - Editing

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