NOK Minimal Smart Clothing


NOK is a Scandinavian inspired clothing brand, which is focused on sustainability, minimalism and functionality. Their brand is eco-friendly, using only natural products and minimal waste. Their video`s purpose is to bring awareness for the environmental problems, that clothing industry brings and how they are trying to solve it with their “smart” designs.


For the purposes of the video we created a combination of custom shot and stock footage. This helped tell the story and reveal the idea of their brand in the best way. The production took place in a mountain location where nature is at its most raw state and fulfills our concept`s needs.  Our working process included each stage of the video production: from finding the right model to choosing a voice over artist. The unique T-shirt design and diversity were the second biggest focus which took a big part of the video.

Project Info

Client: NOK

Video Length: 178s

Shooting Location: Sofia, Bulgaria

Services: Concept Creation, Scriptwriting, Pre-Production, Video Production, Post Production - Editing, Location Scouting

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