Invoicena is an invoicing app that gives small business owners, freelancers and solopreneurs tools that will help them be able to focus on growing their business. The purpose of the video project is to display how the app is used and emphasize on the most important features:

  • Create and send invoices from pc or mobile devices
  • Create and send estimates on demand from everywhere
  • Accept payments instantly


We carefully examined the target group for our client and decided to show two different characters with different areas of expertise, using the application in the middle of their working day. First we decided to emphasize on the problems the target group is facing and then show the easy, fast and modern solution. The app`s interface is demonstrated by a hologram in order to make it more visible, interactive and modern.

Project Info

Client: Invoicena

Video Length: 52s

Shooting Location: Sofia, Bulgaria

Services: Concept Creation, Pre-Production, Video Production, Post Production - Editing

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